Besides pool, snooker, and carom billiards, numerous other varieties of billiard games exist throughout the world. Besides more than 800 different billiard types, our Group makes balls in a range from 3/8 inch to over 7 inches, for applications going from industrial, computer, and medical to 9-pin and duck-pin bowling balls.

The Aramith phenolic resin is manufactured in several varieties, going from the Premier quality to the PREMIUM to Super Aramith (which is used most in high-precision carom balls) and Super Aramith PRO, used for the top-of-the-line pool balls. With the increas- ing quality, the resin gets a finer grain, resulting in fantastic polish that remains over long period of times. Most importantly, though, through the different hardening steps, the material gets a transparent vitrified surface that is highly wear-resistant, making the ball and the cloth last a lot longer.

Regardless of the quality level, all balls are controlled along seven basic criteria: density, balance, diameter tolerance, roundness, color precision, surface polish, and brilliance.