The Saluc international Group, of which Preciball is a division, was established in 1923 in Callenelle – Belgium. A company specializing in chemical production, Saluc quickly grew in a variety of fields thanks to its unique chemical know-how, its state of the art manufacturing equipment, and its in-house ball manufacturing expertise. Throughout the years as it recognized the demand for chemical know-how in various markets. Our growth spread through many markets, including tannery products, phenol compounds and precision balls , to industrial components used in virtually every industry.

Today, Saluc offers a vast array of in-house production and research, a global network of subcontractors, and a world presence in our respective industry second to none. This combination of manufacturing, sourcing, and research and development allows us to offer our customers unique and cost effective solutions for any new product or technology they develop. From sales person to engineer and from procurement to logistics, our world-class team of experts makes your opportunity our focus, and your success our priority.

  • High technology machinery and computerized equipment allow us to produce balls that meet tight dimensional tolerances.
  • Our flexible production methods can be easily tuned to your needs to assure continuous flow and short delivery times.
  • An R&D team develops custom made resins, with varying densities, for your specific application.
For Europe, Asia, Africa & South America :  For North America :
Preciball SA
Rue de Tournai, 2
7604 Callenelle
Tel: +32 69 30 36 00

Preciball UK
+44 1452473079

Preciball USA, Inc.
90 Columbia Drive, Suite A
Pooler, Georgia 31322
Tel: 912-988-5900