The ongoing development of our customers’ products requires high degree of flexibility. Demand for specific requests and environmental and safety conformance is increasing. Meeting your needs is our policy.

Our production and service must conform to our stringent standards as well as to international Norms. Products are certified under ISO3290- and on request: American Abma and DIN 4501. Modern process engineering, high willingness of our staff and suppliers, dimension checks and documentation during production ensure a constant control of production and efficiency of operating performance.

Parameters such as raw material chemical analyses, heat treatment, tolerance, sphericity, roughness, hardness are tested during production and special testing (like salt test, crush load , density) can be done, on request, during  and at the end of manufacturing process, to ensure and guarantee the best quality. Our testing equipments are calibrated by accredited testing laboratories on a regular base.

Our procedures to guarantee high quality products, on time deliveries, and our continuous improvement have been certified by ISO 9001 accreditation.

Preciball SA is certified ISO 9001:2015

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