• A vast program consisting of own production in our own factories and a global network of carefully selected long-term partners and subcontractors enhances product availability of product stocked at several warehouse geographically located close to our customers to guarantee just in time deliveries. This willingness to also supply competitively priced and quality controlled products that others are specialized in provides “Total Quality Sourcing” (TQS) – a valuable quality and supply assuring service to our customers.
  • In our own production facilities, the vertical integration with an in-house chemical plant and moulding divisions guarantee cost-effective production.
  • Our extensive storage capacity allows us to offer our customers specifically reserved space. Multilingual sales teams work daily in 7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese

In-house R&D and engineering department allow customized manufacturing solutions.

A definite advantage is our capability to design special products when our standard ball range does not offer the right solution.

Epoxy-glass balls replace hollow Teflon balls

Our In-house developed and manufactured epoxy-glass material with a density of only 0.6gr/cm3 allows ball check valve manufacturers to replace expensive hollow Teflon balls in an accurate floating application, while maintaining most chemical resistance characteristics.

Correct steel ball specifications reduce cost

Helping a customer with our ball expertise to make the right steel ball choice with our ball expertise vastly reduced the cost of his retail antitheft clip.

A new mouse generation improves screen precision

Hundred of points precisely placed under the ball surface are read by the trackball’s micro optical cell. Detection of the points’ movement ensures exact control of the cursor.