A new age generation

Hundred of points precisely placed under the ball surface are read by the trackball’s micro optical cell. Detection of the points’ movement ensures exact control of the cursor.

A wide range of products is available to meet all requirement:

  1. diameter from 11.11 mm to 90 mm (7/16 ” to 3 1/2 ”)
  2. with steel core on request (available up to 25.4 mm (1 ”)
  3. solid or transparent colors
  4. unlimited color choice (including silver, gold…)
  5. rough or high gloss surface


  • Mechanical trackballs
  • Optical trackballs (to be used with optoelectronic sensor).
  • Printed patterns
  • Metallic colors
  • Laser trackballs


Partnership with Logitech

The MX ERGO reduces muscular strain by 20% compared to using a standard mouse. With the adjustable hinge, you can increase the angle from 0 to 20 degrees which improves wrist posture and pronation. The carefully sculpted shape gives your hand full palm and finger support, while the soft rubber on the top ensures a good, comfortable grip for long hours of work.

MX ERGO offers the latest tracking technology, allowing faster and more precise navigation, with the ability to instantly change your cursor speed and accuracy for optimal control with the press of a button. An LED light illuminates when precision mode is activated, giving you the ideal control with the trackball.

Ball technical specifications (standard)

Any other specifications also available in customised production

> diameter tolerance : +/- 0.08 mm (+/- 0.003 ”) or +/- 0.05 mm (+/- 0.002 ”) on request
> roundness : 0.05 mm (0.002 ”) max
> hardness : > 80 HRH ; > 90 Shore D
> scratch and wear resistanthigh gloss better than SPI 1
> perfectly balanced
> working temperature : up to 85°C

Application Fields : Computer equipment, medical, military…